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Kingston Elementary Event Schedule




April 4                                   2nd Grade Field Trip to Ft. Washita

April 10                                Special Olympics

April 10                                 PreK and Kindergarten to SOSU Play

April 11                                 1st and 2nd Grade to SOSU Play

April 11                                 PreK to Zoo

April 22                                 Kindergarten Field Trip to Cornerstone Ranch

April 23                                 3rd Grade Wax Museum

April 24 & 25                         PreK Screening

April 24                                 Student of the Month Lunch

April 25                                 Sequoyah Book Club to Urban Air

April 30                                 Health Walk

                                             1st Grade to Science Museum

                                             5th Grade to Movies


May 1                                    4th Grade to Zoo

                                              3rd Grade to Lazer Zone

May 2                                     Spelling Bee – 3rd grade @ 9 am, 4th grade @ 10 am, 5th grade @ 11 am

May 6                                    Field Day – Headstart to 1st Grade

May 7                                    Track Meet – 2nd to 5th Grade

May 8                                    5th Grade to District

                                              3rd Grade Wax Museum

May 9                                    Kindergarten Muffins with Moms

                                              Kindergarten Awards

                                              Mrs. Bearden – Tropical Theme Party @ 9:15 am

                                              Snake Presentation

May 13                                 Awards Assembly

                                                         5th Grade                 8:30 am

                                                         1st Grade                 9:30 am

                                                         2nd Grade               10:30 am

                                                        4th Grade                 11:30 am

                                                        3rd Grade                 12:30 pm

May 14                                 5th Grade Music Program 6:30 pm at KMAC

                                            Student of the Month Lunch

May 15                                 AR Award for 4th Grade

                                             3rd Grade to Movies

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