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Dear Parents, Guardians, and Students;


First, I want to welcome you back to school and I hope you had a great summer.  Also I want to update you on what  has happened in the past 6 months reguarding child nutrition in schools.  In January 13, 2011 the USDA proposed many changes that will effect the Child Nutrition Programs here at Kingston Public Schools.  Some of these changes will be immediate and others we will have 10 years to impliment the full change.  Some changes you might want to be aware of are milk,  whole wheat, and calorie guidlines for students. 

  • Choices of milk - 1% Low-Fat Milk, Fat-Free Milk, and Fat-Free Chocolate Milk.  Only one carton of milk will be served at a time.  After child has drank all of the first carton and they find they need more they can get a second carton.


  • Whole Wheat  and whole grain products will be used when ever possible.


The major change in the calories is that their is now a cap on how much we can serve based on calories. 

  • Calorie ranges for Breakfast               Grades K–5    Grades 6–8     Grades 9–12

           Min-max calories (kcal) a b ....           350–500        400–550         450–600


  •  Calorie ranges for lunch                    Grades K–5    Grades 6–8      Grades 9–12

           Min-max calories (kcal) a b ....            550–650        600–700         750–850

To read the entire proposed guidlines go to:  If you have any questions please email or call me at 580-564-9241.  Thank you and I hope everyone has a good school year.


Julie Diaz