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Classroom Rules / Discipline Plan

Classroom Rules / Discipline Plan


  1. Listen when others are talking

  2. Follow directions

  3. Keep hand, feet and objects to yourself

  4. Work quietly and do not disturb others.

  5. Show respect for school property and your property

  6. Work and play in a safer manner

Our behavior chart is as follows:

Purple: Awesome! I am having a great day! My teacher is very proud of me!

Blue: I am making smart choices today! I am being a good role model!

Green: I am ready to learn!  I am making smart choices today!

Yellow: I am not making smart choices. I need to think about my behavior.

Orange: I am still not making smart choices. I need more time to think about my behavior.

Red: I am having a hard day today. I will take a note home to my family and may visit Mr. Gill.


Students will begin each day on GREEN. Most will stay on GREEN. GREEN days are GOOD! When I see students doing an extraordinary good job of listening, helping others, being a good friend, ect., I will move their clothespin up to the next color. However, if a student is not following class rules or keeping others from learning their clothespin will move down. Each day they will color their folder the appropriate color. CHECK CALENDARS DAILY!

****** In extreme cases a child may be sent directly to the office.


Behavior which hinders student learning will not be tolerated.

My plan is from 10:05-10:55 each day. You may reach me at school – 580-465-0292

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