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Improvements underway at KPS

Improvements underway at Kingston Schools

By Taylor Justus

Student Reporter

KINGSTON -- Over the past couple of years, Kingston Schools has had renovations on the property.

One example is the Kingston Multipurpose Activity Center, which has been added in front of the high school. This particular building has had a beautification detail done for the landscaping. Along with this, the immediate front of the high school has also had a remodeling with various flora, concrete touches and a sprinkler system.

There has been somewhere around $25,000 spent on the landscaping projects, but most of that money went toward the sprinkler system.

Asked about trees that had been removed, Superintendent Jay McAdams said some had to be taken down because they were sick and dying. The others were removed because there was a possibility of the disease spreading to other trees and plants.

“We’re really just looking out for the students’ safety,” McAdams said.

Among plans for future development is a new roof on the old gym ­– one that would resemble the one on the KMAC.

Superintendent Jay McAdams wishes for the student body to help out around the school more now than ever. Some ways they can help is to make sure they pick up the trash found around the establishment, both inside and outside, and to keep up the good manners between their peers and to the faculty.

“Keep up the continued effort, and remember there is never an excuse not to be polite,” McAdams said.

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