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Arctic and antarctic project

Kingston youngsters study polar regions

A milk-crate igloo served as the centerpiece of a study of the earth's polar regions conducted by Miranda Shelton's pre-kindergarten class at Kingston Elementary School.
The study included a visit from an expert on the Arctic, as well as several projects designed to enhance the students' knowledge of the two polar areas.
"We studied the arctic and antarctic for 2 weeks," Shelton said. "We talked about the weather, animals and people. I decorated one side of the room to represent the arctic and the other side to represent the antarctic."
The igloo is constructed entirely of gallon milk jugs the class had been collecting since the beginning of the school year. Shelton said building the igloo was difficult, but she managed to complete the structure on her second attempt.
Among craft projects was making polar bears from paper plates, using a combination of shaving cream and glue.
Dr. Dagmar Frisch came to the classroom to talk about the Arctic and show the kids some pictures she took while there.  She has studied in the North Pole area on two different occasions.
Students were directed in the project by Shelton and aide Sherri Denton.
Carla Milligan's pre-K class also participated in the study.   

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