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Erate Question and Answers

The Sixth Report and Order (FCC 10-175)

  • codifies that the competive bidding process must be fair and open.
  • All potential bidders must have access to the same information and must be treated in the same manner throughout the procurement process.
  • Additions or modifications to the Form 470/RFP must be made available at the same time and in a uniform manner to all potential bidders.

In an effort to make all bidding information equally available to all vendors, Kingston Public Schools has created this message board. Please submit any questions directly to this page. Your question and/or comments will be posted by the next school day.

comment posted by john curry on 11-22-2011
comment posted by john curry on 11-22-2011
1. How many concurrent phone calls would you like?
2. Will you port (move phone numbers) from another company to our service?
3. If you are porting numbers, how many numbers will you be porting?
4. Please provide the area code and first three digits of the numbers(s) you will be porting?
5. If you are not porting numbers, how many new phone numbers would you like?
6. How many voicemail boxes will you need?
7. Will you port (move) a toll free number from another company to our service?
8. How many toll free numbers will you need or port to our service?
9. What month / year would you like the service to be effective?
10. What type of internet service will the VoIP service use?
comment posted by Bill Wolff on 11-01-2011
For a list of requested equipment, email”, the specified manufacturer or equivalent is required.
comment posted by Bill Wolff on 10-28-2011
I am looking for Cisco gear, I will post some specs and needs Monday or Tuesday of next week. Thanks.
comment posted by Kai Jolly on 10-28-2011
. Are you looking to use Cisco equipment for this project? Also do you have any specifics in mind? Will you need the N access points? Which switches do you prefer? Is a site visit necessary to bid?
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