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Southeastern Curriculum Contest

Kingston Competes in Southeastern Curriculum Contest

By: Jordan Saxon

Kingston Communication Class


On Thursday March 29, the Kingston High School went to Southeastern Oklahoma State University to compete in the Curriculum Contest. Out of 18 people who competed for Kingston, five of them placed. Christina Jones placed 1st in Music Literature, and Lexi Young placed 1st in Art- Figure Drawing I. Nick Mizell placed 2nd in English IV, Carter Moore placed 2nd in Plane Geometry and Catelyn Kirby placed 3rd in Personal Finance.

 When asked if she felt prepared, Christina answered, “I have been studying with Mr. Dohrer and preparing to go to State in the next few weeks, I feel fairly confident.”

The people who placed will head to State to compete for scholarship offers and other rewards. Mr. Rodgers is the Curriculum Contest Sponsor.