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TSA Convention

TSA Convention

By: Duncan Murphy and Gary Jackson

Kingston Communication Class



On April 11 – 12, the Kingston Tech-Ed Class will be going to Norman for the TSA convention. TSA is the Technology Student Association and they host many events all over America. They will go and stay for two days. While they are there the students will be participating in many events such as: a CAD Designing program, a problem solving event, and also an electric engineering program.

The students who will be attending are Duncan Murphy, Cole Stepp, Ethan Riggs, and Kyle Kirk. There are many more events that they could take part in. For example there is an event where you see who can make the best catapult, there are also events where you build a robot that can pick up different objects, there are even events that allow you to make wooden cars that go off of CO2 and also paper airplanes that are propelled by a wound up rubberband that is connected to a propeller. The sponsor of this trip is Mr. Wells.