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K-Town Car Wash

K-Town Car Wash


Ashlynn Burkhalter, Shay-lea Santino

Kingston Communications Class


            Kingston High School Art Class participated in a design contest for the K-Town Car Wash from January 1 through January 15.

            The winners of the contest were Tanner Blanchard, Shelbee Kite, David Parker and Colton Robinson. Tanner and Shelbee each rewarded $50 and David and Colton were each rewarded $20.

            The reason for there not being one winner and there being four is because Ms.Kastner found something she loved about each one of their designs so she put something from each one on the sidewall of the car wash.

            “I was glad to involve the students. I was impressed with Ms. Kastner’s generosity and character in rewarding. I believe the accomplishment for each of those students will be a visual expression for many years to come,” Stated Art teacher Ms. Harper.