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All-State Choir Auditions

KHS First and Second All-State Choir Auditions


By Harli Ward

Kingston Communications Class


            First round of All-State Choir auditions took place on October 28 in McAlester. At 4:30 that morning the students ready for auditions loaded the bus with blankets, pillows, and music folders in hand. They got on the bus and drove approximately 2 hours from Kingston High School to McAlester Middle School.

            Nerves rising and sweat dripping from these talented singers as they practiced getting ready to audition for a judge to listen and score them accordingly. All coming out of the audition rooms confident, some didn’t make it and some did.

The 2nd round of high school All-State qualifiers were: Jasey Kite, Makayla Seeney, Cailin Stauffer, Hallie Swearingen, Ashelynn Holland, Olivia Pettyjohn, Trinity Holland, Lyndzey Huynh, Aleah Taylor, and Carter Moore. The 3 middle school qualifiers were: Jillian Boone, Valin McDow, and Terriona King.

Vocal Director, Mr. Britt, brags about his students as he says, “They’ve worked very hard and it has really showed so far this semester. I’m really proud of all their hard work.”

            The two choir All-Staters are Senior Jasey Kite and Sophomore Makayla Seeney.