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Special Olympics

Kingston Special Olympics

By: Shaylee Hampton

Kingston Communication Class


Thursday, November 2, Kingston’s Special Olympics, went to Oaks Lodge in Durant. They competed in a double elimination horseshoes tournament. The students went up against kids in their age group from Durant, Silo, Madill, and Achille. The lodge fed them hot dogs for lunch. Afterwards the students were taken to Braum’s for an ice cream award.


The following kids took part in the tournament: Michael Alley, David Parker, Marissa Carter, Lizzie Droddy, Amy Childers, Destry Looney, Hannah Mills, Colton Moore, Shylie Hux, Shylie Boatwright, Melanie Gentry, Tristan Mills, Bryan Rico and Jazmine Stephens. The sponsors who went to the event were Mr. Rodgers, Ms Khory, Ms. Hayes, Ms. Clay, and Ms. Clair.


When asked what the students enjoyed about the event, Mr. Rodgers said,”The kids enjoyed the wonderful weather along with the competition and sport.”