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Freshman Field Trip

The Kingston Freshman Field Trip

By: Haylee Howard, Duncan Murphy, Elizabeth Barthel, and Jordan Saxon


Kingston High School Freshmen went to Rose State College on October 9. During this trip, the freshmen visited the campus, talked about cyber security, and went to CiCi’s Pizza right after. Rose State has been remodeling the college since the beginning of this year. They have reconstructed new dorms, built new buildings, and are currently remodeling the college cafeteria.

          An enormous part of the journey to Rose State College was the bus drive there and back. It was around four hours total. The time used was people reading, listening to music, and sleeping. It was overall a relaxing trip.

          While at the college the students sat through a class on cyber-security. They figured out it is very effortless to guess another person’s passwords as long as you know what you are doing. They also learned how easily you can be hacked by just searching a name and clicking on the false link. They were also taught that if your account ever gets blocked you can just make a brand-new account, also when you are answering security questions you should answer them falsely so that no one can guess the answer to them.

          After attending Rose State College, Kingston High School Freshmen went to CiCi’s Pizza. Many people went to get seconds. Jordan Saxon’s comment on the pizza is “It was alright.” Haylee Howard said, “It was amazing!” The students got to choose from alfredo pizza, chicken bacon pizza, pepperoni pizza, cheese pizza, spinach pizza, BBQ pizza, cinnamon rolls and much more! Students got up to five pieces of pizza!

          Going on this trip to the college gave the freshmen an idea of how college will be. The trip was sponsored by the Oklahoma Gear Up program. Also the Freshmen sponsors, Ms. Dohrer and Mr. Wells, went on the trip to keep the students in line. Talking about the cyber security will help them keep their internet information more secure. Although the bus ride was long, it was also very relaxing. The wide variety of pizza was pretty good. It was a very enjoyable trip!