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Library Fun


Kingston Library Fun

Jasey Kite, Jaren Jackson and Nathan Raney

Kingston Communications Class


 A lot of new things have been happening at the Kingston High School Library! Although it’s usually a quiet place, the librarians have had a few ideas to shake it up. Between the book fair and the faculty’s brand new organization, things will be a lot different. Whether it’s book fairs or new books, you can expect something awesome coming out of the library this year!

   For the past two years our two lovable helpers have been Ms. Brister as the librarian and Ms. Carlile as library assistant. Everyone quickly adapted and accepted them after the loss of long time librarian, Kelly Shipley. This year these ladies have decided to try and give more of a theme to certain sections in the library. Ms. Brister and Ms. Carlile will group together similar books according to trending events or happenings. With the help of this cool, new system it should be easier for students to come in and find a book they’ll enjoy. According to Ms. Brister, “actually helping a student find a book that they like,” is the best part of her job.

   The book fair this year will start on October 30th and will last until November 3rd. The average cost of the books at the book fair is ten to twelve dollars. Whatever books the library doesn’t sell will be sent back to the company that they came from.

   In addition to new events at the library, the school was also able to get 110 new books for the Kingston students to check out. So stop by and grab a book or have some fun at the book fair!