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Construction Project at Kingston raises funds, teaches skills

by Jon Dohrer
Kingston Public Schools

KINGSTON — A new building project at Kingston combines the advantages of raising funds for the program with developing construction skills.
Students in the school's TechConnect Carpentry Program have built and sold a storage building, and have plans to repeat the process.
Sponsor Mark Wells said students received not only a sense of accomplishment from the project, but also a wealth of knowledge about construction.
"When we were done, they said, 'Man, we learned a lot doing this,'" Wells said. "They did an outstanding job, and they were very dedicated. They would get right in here and get to work, and then they didn't even want to go to lunch."
Brandon Arterberry, Billy Howard, Nathaniel Mims, and Trenton Smith were the principal contractors on the job and Wells said some students in his other classes also chipped in.
The structure is an 8x10-feet peak-top building with treated siding, a shingle roof and double doors. Wells said the project took about three weeks, but will go faster in the future.
"Now we know how to do our measurements and figure out what materials we need, it will go pretty quickly," he explained.
Wells said the group is willing to custom build storage sheds for donors, in order to raise funds for the TechConnect program.
He said the students intend to undertake a slightly larger project for their next venture.
"Wait until you see the hunting cabin we're working on!" he said.
Those interested in the building program, or with questions about TechConnect may call Wells at 580-564-3329.