KHS Stock Market Game

KHS Stock Market Game

By Cassie LeMaster

Kingston Communications Class

            They’ve done it again Kingston High School has gone to State for The Stock Market Game. On May ­4, Trace Lee, Clayton Davis, Kiefer Stewart went to Oklahoma City for The Stock Market Game. Kaylen Scarborogh who is also on the team, was unable to attend the trip.

            They had a very busy day, part of which included being at the school by 6 am. They registered between 9:15 and 9:30. The welcome speakers were Pam Campbell, who is the Oklahoma City Branch Manger for the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City as well as Amy Lee who is on the Oklahoma Council on Economic Education.

The Oklahoma Branch of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City is where the students presented their PowerPoints to the panel of judges who were, Matt Klem and Mike Largent from the RCB Bank. As well as, Bob Markle who’s from the CLF, CLTC and The Principal Financial Group. The last judge was Megan Williams who is also from the Oklahoma Branch of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City.

There was also a Federal Reserve Exhibit Scavenger Hunt that the team participated in right before they went into the stock market face off.

At the end of the day, the Kingston stock market team got first place in the 4th region of the grades 9-12 with $105,296.97. They started the year off with only $100,000.



Cutline: Members of the First place winning, 4th Region Stock Market Game inclue (back row LtoR) Kaulen Scarborogh, Trace Lee, Clayton Davis. (front row) Kiefer Stewart.