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Kingston Public Schools
400 NE 3rd
P.O. Box 370
Kingston, Oklahoma 73439
Phone: (580) 564-9033
Fax: 1-580-564-9516

Welcome to Kingston Public Schools

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Dear Parents,  Students  and Patrons,

The students and staff at Kingston have faced much adversity this year in the wake of the state’s budget shortfalls, and even larger financial cuts are projected for next year with the state facing a 1.3 billion dollar budget deficit.  Kingston Public Schools have persevered and survived this year and will continue to excel in the classroom and extracurricular programs in the upcoming year despite these difficult financial times.  Even though tough decisions were made to help insure the district’s financial stability, we have been able to keep reductions at a minimum. You will see some visible results of these cuts such as larger class sizes, fewer supplemental programs and a slight reduction in services. These issues will not affect our determination or spirit to bring a high quality educational experience to the students of our community. Our district is on sound financial ground and is prepared to take on these future budget cuts, and our dedicated staff will continue to do more with less, as they have been asked to do many times before.

While all of this is going on, our students have continued to excel in the classroom. Our early projections of the end-of- the-year testing shows that our students are achieving at high levels. Outside the classroom, our students continue to ride a wave of successes in all extracurricular activities with numerous students and programs receiving state recognition of their achievements.

There are many end of the year activities going on at this time including senior graduation May 20th beginning at 8:00 P.M. Please visit our website or follow us on facebook to view the many events that are going on in the last weeks of the school year.


Ron Whipkey


Kingston Public School



Contact Information


PO BOX 370



Ron Whipkey


(P) 580-564-9033

(F) 580-564-9516


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(P) 580-564-2384

(F) 580-564-0901


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(P) 580-564-2996

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