Camp Goddard

Camp Goddard

Hunter Beck

Kingston Communications Class



          On April 18, 32 Kingston Middle School sixth graders took a trip to Goddard Youth Camp. These students were Andrew Backenstoes, Kagon Herndon, Dakota Lowe, Xavier McCuan, Sammy McNeil, Rafe Patterson, Devin Tipton, Eli Riggs, Celeste Burch, Aubrie Cantrell, Haley Carroll, Payton Giles, Savannah Lawrence, Ameia Lewis, Ethel Lewis, Paden Walker, Kamry Bohannon, Kaylin Doughtrey, Karly Hernandez, Elley Holder, Juice Kite, Kaya Midkiff, Glenna Sprouse, Akira Wolff, Micha Davis, Ashlee Ellis, Lanie French, Abigayle Hatfield, Mia Moore, Alexia Robinson, Tylee Shown and Alicianna Titsworth.

            This youth science and nature camp is in the Arbuckle Mountains where campers get to spend their days hiking and learning about the incredible nature placed in their path. There were eight high school students chosen to be counselors. These students were Alex Rowland, Hunter Beck, Tanner Strecker, Clay Taylor, Skyler Wydner and Lexus Thomas, Mallory Easley and Jolie Jackson. There were also 7 teachers who went and they were Mrs.Droddy Camp Director, Miss Paula, Mr. Osborn, Mr. Patterson, Mr. Tubbs, Mr. Claborn and Mrs. Morton.

            One of the sixth grade campers, Camri Bohannon, when asked about her experience stated, “I loved Camp Goddard and my favorite part of camp was hiking on the trails.”

            The campers came back on that Sunday with new experiences and knowledge of Oklahoma nature.