Elementary Faculty
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Jerry Adkins
Adkins, Jerry
Donna Bearden
Bearden, Donna
Kindergarten teacher
Andrea Capps
Capps, Andrea
2nd grade Teacher
Tracey Caraway
Caraway, Tracey
Second grade teacher
Jena Craven
Craven, Jena
Third Grade Teacher
Christina Davis
Davis, Christina
5th Grade Teacher
Lindsey Dowdy
Dowdy, Lindsey
5th Grade Reading & Social Studies
Paula  Fernandez
Fernandez, Paula
Dance Teacher
Nikki Gill
Gill, Nikki
5th Grade Teacher
Piper Harrison
Harrison, Piper
Pre K
Kathy Hathaway
Hathaway, Kathy
PreK Teacher
Terri Henry
Henry, Terri
3rd Grade Teacher
Sasha Hogstad
Hogstad, Sasha
4th Grade Teacher
Lisa  Jones
Jones, Lisa
2nd Grade Teacher
Deborah Lamb
Lamb, Deborah
Special Education
Maegan Landgraf
Landgraf, Maegan
4th Grade Teacher
Beth Lane
Lane, Beth
Speech Teacher
Betty Musgrave
Musgrave, Betty
Indian Ed Tutor
Sandra Patterson
Patterson, Sandra
First Grade Teacher
Autumn Pearce
Pearce, Autumn
2nd Grade Teacher
Skye Phipps
Phipps, Skye
Katie Smith
Smith, Katie
Karen Thomas
Thomas, Karen
Suzonne Wakely
Wakely, Suzonne
Kindergarten Teacher
Monti Walker
Walker, Monti
Shawn Wells
Wells, Shawn
1st grade Teacher
Stormi White
White, Stormi
1st Grade Teacher
Shelley Williams
Williams, Shelley
3rd Grade Math/Science Teacher
Trina Williams
Williams, Trina
Carla Milligan
Milligan, Carla
Pre-K Teacher
Casey Davis
Davis, Casey
4th Grade Teacher
Miranda Shelton
Shelton, Miranda
Special Education/Counselor
Hope Uhlenhake
Uhlenhake, Hope
4th Grade Teacher
Patty Clure
Clure, Patty
Elementary Special Education
Kim , Kim
Pre-K Teacher
Susan Hill
Hill, Susan
Special Education Teacher
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