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comment posted by Aurora on 07-15-2012
Just now ran across this wuoferdnl addition to the PO Library. How exciting for me to hear Betty's voice. She, too, was my instructor and thesis committee chair. I graduated later in life and am thrilled to be semi-retired but teaching ECED courses in a community college (state-wide) in Southern Indiana. Even more excited am I to be hearing Betty's words and knowing those are exactly the ideas / things my class has been discussing for the past nine weeks! The 20 students of the DAP in a Cultural Context Class have already done a wuoferdnl job of thinking outside the box and the semester is not yet half over! We began by studying a book by Janet Gonzalez Mena, an instructor with whom I was also privileged to study while at PO. Thank you, Betty, for your words of wisdom and thank you Janet. Both of you have enlarged my little corner of the world, enabling me to share new ideas with so many others while continuing to grow in thoughts, words, and deeds in the global world which exists today.
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