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  My name is Maegan Landgraf, and I am a 4th grade teacher here at Kingston Elementary. Not only am I a teacher at Kingston, I am also a Kingston alumist.  After graduating from Kingston High School in 2004, I went on to Southeastern Oklahoma State University to receive my degree in elementary education.


               To tell a little about my family, I am married to a wonderful man, Ryan Landgraf, who is an engineer for the BNSF railroad. I have two sons, Mason who just turned 4 and is a pre-k student here at Kingston, and Rayden who just turned one this July.


   Mason is full of energy and is constantly on the move. He's my lil' cowboy who loves bull riding and anything to do with rodeos. He has also discovered superheroes and is a huge fan of Batman and Ninja Turtles. I can probably tell you every "bad guy" TMNTs fight and the story as to how they became "mutants". When Mason finds something he is passionate about, he absorbs everything about it. You will hear me tell many stories about Mason as well as see him often through out the year:)


Rayden is my little ball of fire. He takes on life as though he can do anything, which at times is quite scary for his mama.  But I pray he keeps that confidence as he grows. He is loud, rambunctious, energetic, and has completed our family in ways I never knew we needed. He looks up to Mason and wants to do just about anything he does, which also causes a lot of fights;)


I love teaching and am so excited to begin another year. I can’t wait to see what the year holds for my new students and me. I know it’s going to be filled with lots of fun and learning.


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comment posted by Adrianna hibdon on 02-11-2014
U r the best teacher
comment posted by Adrianna hibdon on 02-11-2014
U r the best teacher
comment posted by Adrianna hibdon on 12-19-2013
U are my most favorite teacher in the world hope u have a great year
comment posted by adrianna hibdon on 12-12-2013
You are a great teacher mrs clark
comment posted by raven mcniel on 04-29-2013
u r so awesome ms clark
comment posted by audisty yeager on 04-01-2013
you are the best teacer i wish i didnt have to go to 5th grade! ! ! ! !
comment posted by rayne mcniel on 09-21-2011
your the best teacher ever !!!!!!!!!!! your my favorite teacher out of the whole school !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
comment posted by mallory on 03-08-2010
hi i am mallory i am in 6th grade my sister is makayla little she is in 4th grade I JUST LOVE YOUR PROFILE PAGE WELL HOPE YOU WRIGHT BACK LOVE MALLORY
comment posted by kaylyn rose on 01-09-2010
i love you miss clark
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