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Welcome to Mrs. Hill’s Reading Class!

*A note from your teacher*

Homework is not meant to be tedious, but enjoyable. It is simply practice in re-training the brain to hopefully fix gaps in our past learning. It is meant to take about 30 min. tops. Sometimes things happen when homework cannot be completed, and that is understandable. However, day after day of not putting out effort will result in using their recess to complete the practice. It’s that important. Please help them be successful.

                                                                        Mrs. Hill



Here are my expectations:

Parent/Guardian should supervise the following and check the calendar when completed. Students will not have homework on Fridays.

  • Read out loud to someone every night Monday-Thursday for a min. of 15 minutes. (Library Book on their Independent Reading Level)
  • Read out loud the circled IW. (Instant Words)
  • Read out loud the circled RAP. (Rapid Accurate Practice)
  • Practice circled Handwriting. (Student should name the letter and say the strokes as he/she is writing)
  • Practice Spelling Words. This will be some form of practice. Some suggestions are:

Spell out loud.

Write them in salt on a cookie sheet.

Form the words in play dough.

Use 3 colors and “rainbow write”.

Write them on a chalkboard or dry-erase board.

                 Spelling City games (On the Kingston website go to Elementary, Special Education, Susan Hill, Educational Websites. Each week our words will be there.






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