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Tech-Ed Fundraiser

Kingston Tech-Ed Fundraiser

By: Duncan Murphy, Ethan Riggs, and Jordan Saxon

Kingston Communication Class

         Have you ever heard of a leather scented candle? The Technology Student Association at Kingston is selling candles and baking items. Abby Candles has leather and many more amazing scents, some of which are Citrus Splash, Cinnamon Cider, Lavender Vanilla, Perfect Peach, and numerous more. You can also buy variety packs such as Fresh, Fun in the Sun, Floral, Backyard, and Spicy. They also offer a broad selection of 6 oz room sprays, 16 oz wax chips, and even cookies and brownies. There is a huge variety of candles to choose from. There is Vanilla Bean, Hot Apple Pie, Cinnamon Cider, and much more. There is a candle to fit everyone's desire. Odd scents such as Day at the Beach or Leather is a part of the selection. You can pick from 16 oz jars, 16 oz wax chips, or 6 oz spray. The prices for 16 oz candles are $20, the 16 oz wax chips are $19, and the 6 oz sprays are $13.

The class is having a fundraiser to raise money so that students can  go to the Technology Student Association Convention in Oklahoma City. They are also raising money to have projects to do in the class. The TSA class sells candles every year.

There are also baking items for $16 each. They vary from Mississippi Muddle, Snickerdoodle Cinnamon Sugar Cookies, Oatmeal Cinnamon Raisins and Triple Chocolate Chip Cookie.

         You should swing by the Kingston school and ask a TSA member about the candle selection. There are many different varieties and they’re all affordable prices. Come and buy some cookies and candles and while you are getting to smell those amazing scents you will be putting us one step closer to the TSA Convention in Oklahoma City.