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KHS All-District Choir

KHS All-District Choir

By Harli Ward and Jasey Kite

Kingston Communications Class


On Tuesday, October 3, the Kingston Vocal Department made their way to Durant to audition for the All-District Honor Choir. The students competed against many other schools throughout the Southeastern Choral Directors Association.

Kingston had 38 students make it into the choir after their auditions showed their talent and preparation. Mr. Britt, the Kingston High School and Middle School Vocal Director is very proud of his students achievements as he brags that, “My students always seem to surpass my expectations.”

The seniors who made All-District were Jasey Kite, Harli Ward, Hallie Swearingen, Jamon Shipley, Kaitlyn Hobbs, and Jade Burch.

The juniors selected were Jenna Barkell, Olivia Pettyjohn, Aleah Taylor, Trinity Holland, Jazmine Branch, Payton Dial, Sean Conway, and Shelbee Kite.

Lastly for high school  Oklahoma All-District members are the sophomores, which include Makayla Seeney, Arianna Allfree, Ashelynn Holland, Patricia Alvarez, Caylee Hewitt, Cailin Stauffer, Lyndzey Huynh, Madison Nagel, Isabel Mireles, Lora Newton, Tannon Moreno, and Carter Moore.

The middle school All-District was very successful. The eighth graders who auditioned and made it were Jillian Boone, Kyleigh Dickerson, Jaylee Ward, Emiliee Lowe, McKenna Stowe, and Dylan Stovall.

For the rest of middle school, the seventh graders who made All-District Honor choir was Haley Carroll, Brooke Minchey, Juice Kite, Brooklyn Mandrigues, Valin McDow, and Devon Tipton.