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Student Officers Elected

Kingston Student Officers Elected

By Kingston Communications Class


On Wednesday, August 23, 2017 the Kingston High School 2017-2018 student council officers were elected. From a list of their classes top students, each class voted for their officers. The top students would campaign during the voting process and give a speech in front of the student body.

            The winners of the senior class will have opportunities for college scholarships. The official student council for the senior class is: Spencer Holland as president, Tanner Blanchard as vice president, Stoney Lowe as secretary, Dillon Thompson as treasurer and, Jasey Kite and Zac Meeks as student council representatives. The senior class sponsors are Ms. Morrison and Ms. Weaver.  Student council representative Jasey Kite says, “it’s going to be a great last year and we are all prepared to do our best for the class.”

            Student council wasn’t the only thing the senior class voted on. They also voted for their class superlatives. Superlatives are titles given to the person with the best wardrobe, school spirit, etc. The Freshest Wardrobe is Tanner Blanchard and Taylor Wuestenfeld; Most Athletic Stoney Lowe and Kes Reeves; Most Musical Nathan White and Jasey Kite; Most School Spirit Banks Camp and Hallie Swearingen; Biggest Flirt John Taylor and Makayla Little; Most Likely to Succeed Brady Fox and Kaitlyn Hobbs; Best Vehicle Zachary Forguson and Michaela Smith; Teacher’s Pet Jamon Shipley and Hunter Beck; Most Likely to Leave Kingston Mikey Skiles and Meagan Gafford; Cutest Couple Bryndon Baxter and Jade Burch; and Most Comical Zac Meeks and Sara Clay.

            This year’s junior class of student council officers are looking to make a big impact. Payton Dial had the most votes making her president, while Jazmine Branch was elected vice president. Secretary is Trinity Holland and treasurer is Matthew O’Steen. The two representatives are J.C. Nelson and Olivia Pettijohn. The junior student council will also be in charge of prom and other events. Sponsors for these events are Ms. Germany and Mr. Rodgers.   

            The president for the sophomore class is Isabel Mireles. The vice president is Taylor Spence. The secretary is Carter Moore. The treasurer is Seth Stone. Makayla Seeney and Tyler Blanchard are representatives for the sophomore class. The sophomores are in charge of the Senior vs. Faculty Softball Game. The sponsors are Ms. Phillips and Ms. Harper.

            Lastly, the 2017-2018 freshman student council officers have been chosen. Elected president was Tory Shown. Elected vice president was Kayte Auld. The new freshman secretary is Travis Dooley and the treasurer is Aedan Evans. Freshman representatives are Kiera Pinnick and Caidence Clemens. This year’s freshman sponsors are Ms. Dohrer and Mr. Wells.

            Congratulations to all the new student council officers; have a great year!



Picture Cutline (back row, l to r) Tyler Blanchard, Zac Meeks, Spencer Holland, Tanner Blanchard, Mathew Osteen, Stoney Lowe, Dillon Thompson, Seth Stone, JC Nelson, Kiera Pinnick, Caidence Clemens, Trinity Holland, Jazmine Branch. (front row, l to r) Tory Shown, Travis Dooley, Jasey Kite, Payton Dial, Isabel Mireles, Olivia Pettijohn, Makayla Seeney and Taylor Spence.