KHS Art to Oklahoma State Fair

Kingston Sends Their Art to the Oklahoma State Fair

Shelbee Kite

Kingston Communications Class



          The Oklahoma Art Exhibition offers an art competition for schools all across Oklahoma. Judges carefully inspect each piece, then select artwork that will be displayed at the Oklahoma State Fair. Prior to the Fair’s Opening Day, many pieces of art will be put into an auction in which the aspiring artists will receive a portion of the sale. The remaining profit will go to the scholarship fund for the Oklahoma State Fair Visual Art Scholarship Event.

            Ten schools have the chance to win $100 gift cards for art supplies. Students who receive the Best of Show, Judges’ Choice Awards, and Superintendent’s Award will also receive a rosette and a medallion for their accomplishments; their schools will receive a gift card as well.

            Kingston High School expects to enter 10 students. Freshmen: Danna Wagnon, Lizzy Ellis, Fernando Ramirez, and Patricia Alvarez; Sophomores: Renee Mireles, Maria Loving, and Brittany Walker; Juniors: Sara Clay and Aaron McConnel; and Senior Lynze Anderson are all entering their own works of art, using various types of materials.

            Registration opens March 6 but the Fair’s Opening Day isn’t until September.