KPS at Special Olympics

Kingston at the Special Olympics


By Cassie LeMaster

Kingston Communication Class


On April 5, Kingston Public Schools competed in the 2017 Special Olympics. They left the schools at 9 a.m. and went to Durant for the Olympics.  There were a lot of fun things, like the softball throw, running and standing long jump, 50 meter dash and the 200 meter dash.

            Raquel Davis, Shylie Hux, Angelina Marr, Addie Townsend, Faith Stephens, Amy Childers, Hunter McNeill, Tristin Mills, Kenneth St. Clair, Eric Ruzicka, Bobby Smith, Destry Looney, Michael Alley, and Colten Moore were the Kingston Middle School students who participated. The high school students who participated were Lillian Bailey, Lizzie Droddy, Kelli Green, Tiara Smith, Marissa Carter, Jordan Lehr, David Parker, Jacob Roberts and Kalop Smith. The Kingston Elementary students who went on the trip were Noe Cruz-Perez, Harly Smith, Breonna Smith, Chace Perez, Jakoby Smith, Sydney Unsell, Dillon McClaine, Misty Bridgeman.

Lizzie Droddy, who is a freshman at KHS, did a very important thing at the Special Olympics. She is the one who got to carry the torch to the fire. When asked how she felt about being able to do that she replied “It was really fun, but everyone was looking at me.”