KHS Scholastics and Curriculum

KHS Scholastics and Curriculum

By Jazmine Branch

Kingston Communications Class


   Kingston High School has competed in three Scholastics or Curriculum Meets during this 2016-2017 school year.

   During a Scholastics or Curriculum Contest, high school students from all different districts in Oklahoma gather at a hosting college to take a test in subjects taught across the state.

   The first contest that Kingston participated in was Murray State College’s Scholastics Meet on March 1. The KHS Academic Team was taken in order to test the waters. Seniors Tanner Strecker placed in both American Government and Current Events, Lynze Anderson placed in Art Portfolio, Austin Williams in Computer Fundamentals, and Samantha Fraize in Music. Juniors Nick Mizell placed in English Literature and General Science, Brady Fox in World Geography, Jasey Kite in General Biology, and sophomore Jazmine Branch in Geometry.

   The second test that KHS attended was Southeastern Oklahoma State University’s Curriculum Contest held on March 30. Senior Samantha Fraize placed in Journalism, junior Nick Mizell placed in Algebra II, junior Brady Fox in Government & Politics, sophomore Trinity Holland in Personal Finance, and freshman Kynlee Dailey also placed in Journalism.

   The third curriculum meet was held at Eastern Oklahoma State College on April 4. Senior Samantha Fraize placed in Music History and English Comp., junior Nick Mizell placed in Vocabulary and English Literature, and sophomore Jazmine Branch placed in American Literature.

   Anyone who placed in any three of these contests has a chance to qualify for the Tournament of Champions, the state competition for scholastics, to be held on May 6 in Oklahoma Kingston City.